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    Whether you got into crafting to have a fun indoor activity that allows you to spend more time with your kids, to make your own costumes, or to start your own business, creating crafts is a useful skill that can always be expanded with new elements. At So Sew, we stock craft supplies and fabrics for just about every kind of crafter, from simple needlework to painting to wood crafts and jewelry making arts. Whatever your hands like to craft, you can find the materials you need here.

    We carry many different types of fabrics both for sewing and costume making as well as for quilting. The type of fabric you need depends on both the nature of the project as well as your skill level. We also do our best to stock as many different colors in each type of fabric as possible so that you can create the exact look that you’ve been imagining. If you’re unsure what type of fabric or color of fabric would be best for you, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you with your decision.

    At So Sew, we recognize that there are many different types of crafts and many different types of crafters. We carry classic crafting supplies like paints and paintbrushes, clay, sewing and scrapbooking supplies, but we also do our best to branch out into other areas including tools for body art, candlemaking supplies, and materials to make your own jewelry and purses. With a little practice, skills like these can turn into a lucrative business of your own!

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